Trans-Data 4G/3G/GSM Outdoor Antenna

Trans-Data A741031, 4G/3G/GSM Antenna: TRANS-DATA LTE KYZ 7.5/8/10. outdoor, directional log periodic antenna for use with LTE (4G), 3G, DCS, GSM modems and cellular phones, as well as with GSM ( A6765, A6775, A6785) and 3G ( A67105) repeaters . The antenna Gain: 7.5 dBi (698-800 MHz), 8.0 dBi ( 800-960 MHz), 10 dBi (1700-2700 MHz); 55 cm lead with N connector;
Proizvođač: MaxLink
Trans-Data 4G/3G/GSM Outdoor Antenna
Šifra: MXL-A741031
Jamstvo, u mjesecima: 12
Dostupnost: Raspoloživo