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RF Elements NanoBracket for RB SXT, LIGHT

RF-Elements NB-SXT-LIGHT, NanoBracket Light for SXT is a mounting system designed for the RB-SXT Series from MikroTik. NanoBracket offers a 3-Axis Positioning System that enables smooth adjustment of wireless CPE in azimuth, elevation and rotation
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RF Elements NanoBracket SEXTANT

RF Elements NBSEXTANT, NanoBracket SEXTANT designed for fast and easy installation of RouterBoard SEXTANT on the pole or on the wall. All New 3-Axis Positioning System enables positioning of the antenna in azimuth, elevation and rotation.

RF Elements StationBox InSpot – indoor enclosure

RF Elements StationBox InSpot, Indoor hotspot enclosure for RB922, RB912, RB711, RB411, and also for RB75x and RB95x desktop routerboards. Easy installation on wall or ceiling.