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Digitec 1x M5 screw + nut and washer

Digitec DP-MO-01, Vijak s maticom M5, Mounting kit (DP-MO-01) consists of 1x M5 screw, floating nut and washer
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Digitus 1pc of Steel M6 Screw + Caged Nut

NVT-DN-19, Vijak s maticom M6, pc of M6 Steel Screws+ Caged nut, Color silver, length 17mm
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Digitus 50 sets of Steel M6 Screws+ Caged nuts

Digitus DN-19-SET, Vijak s maticom M6, 50 sets of M6 Steel Screws+ Caged nuts, Color black
Currently unavailable

Digitus DIGITUS Professional Potential Equalization Bar, 220 mm

Digitus DN-19 EARTH, Potential equalisation bar, 220 mm 6 connection points, incl. earthing leads with fixing brackets

Digitus Professional LED Lighting Fixture for 483 mm (19") Ormar

Digitus DN-19 LIGHT-3, Professional LED Lighting Fixture for 19" Ormar. magnetic, 200 lm two sensor modi, incl. power adapter incl. power adapter. Installable horizontally or vertically via magnets. It can be mounted horizontally or vertically inside of your 483 mm (19") cabinet and ensures an optimized lighting via efficient LED lights. The automatic door mode will switch on the light, due to the sensor, automatically when you open the door of your 483 mm (19") cabinet and also switch off the light when the door is being closed. Alternatively you can use the touch mode for manual use. In this case just wave in front of the sensor one time for switching on the light and a second time to switch off the light.

Digitus Professional Wall Mounting Cabinets - SoHo, Slim

Digitus DN-19 04U-PB, Wall mounting cabinet, SOHO, slim, 145x525x475 mm 3U rotatable, 2U fix, color grey (RAL 7035). Lockable housing with transparent polycarbonat window Upper part of housing can opened up to 80° Door stop mechanism of steel which keeps the door open 1-point-locking-mechanism 2 separate 483 mm (19“) mounting options: 3U vertical (rotatable), 2U horizontal (fix) max. installation depth (from front vertical rail to rear horizontal rail): ca. 265 mm There are two separate installation possibilities: The front side is equipped with a rotatable vertical 3U rail. Alternatively, it can be positioned horizontally or even angled. On the rear side there is a 2U rail (fixed), which can be used for passive network components for example. Due to punched out mounting holes in the lower housing area also non rack mountable equipment can be installed (e.g. DSL router, etc.).

Digitus Relay Rack, 42U 800mm depth

Digitus DN-19 42U-D, Relay Rack, 42U 800mm depth, Double frame, 2mm steel sheet, Adjustable mounting and leveling feet. Inside height 1870mm. Rack dimension 1982x536x800mm
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ExtraLink POE Injector 6 Port Gigabit

ExtraLink EX.2039, POE Injector 6 PORT Gigabit. Use 10/100/1000M Ethernet – Flexible power(DC 18 – 57V) – Built-in LED Indicator – Use with any Ethernet switch – 650ma automatic resettable fuse on each port – Supports IEEE 802.3at or 802.3af devices –Mode A operation-minus on pins1/2,plus on3/6(802.3af/at) –Mode B operation-minus on pins7/8,plus on4/5(Mikrotik,UBNT ) – Ideal for IP cameras,VOIP phone,WiFi Access Points. Output: 18-57V 90W (Max) Data: 1/2&3/6&4/5&7/8 Power: 3/6+ & 1/2- ,4/5+&7/8-. Dimensions: 150mm×65mm×26mm. Power supply not included recomend MIK-GM-2440 (24V/2,5A) for 24V & GM-4820(48V/2A) for 48V.

ExtraLink Power Adapter 48V 2A 96W

ExtraLink EX.14138, Power Adapter 48V 2A 96W with Jack 5.5/2.1MM. Euro AC cord with ground wire included.
Currently unavailable

ExtraLink Power Adapter 48V 3A 144W

ExtraLink EX.14053, Power Adapter 48V 2A 96W with Jack 5.5/2.1MM. Euro AC cord with ground wire included.

Gembird Gigabit Ethernet PCI-Express card, Realtek chipset

Gembird NIC-GX1, Gigabit Ethernet PCI-Express card, Realtek chipset RTL8111C. Single STP RJ45 port for either1000 Mbps, 100 Mbps or 10 Mbps network speeds Supports speed auto-negotiation, pair swap/polarity/skew correction, crossover detection Automatic IRQ and I/O address setup Supports Microsoft Windows, MAC OS, Unix/Linux, Novell

HandLink Guest Wifi Account Generator

HandLink GW-1, Guest Wifi account generator without a thermal printer for guest Internet access with robust full-featured wireless gateway/WiFi router, 300Mbps high speed wireless gateway, Support 20 simultaneous users and up to 256 account users, all a guest has to do is to generate a guest account with a single click, and with a press of a button the guest ID will be shown on the display instantly.
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